Greenworks knows that not everyone has a grasp of what it takes to make great videos.

That’s why we work with you from day one to provide guidance every step of the way.

Our Process

Greenscreen Studio

We start with a free one hour preproduction brainstorm to get the process started---we’ll cover all the bases that are necessary—from identifying your target audience to deciding whether to use professional on screen talent to critical messaging points and scripting--- we’ll help you create a dynamic, effective video productionᅠ that will get you your desired results.

The production possibilities might include shooting on locationᅠ----or it could be shot in our studio using  green screen production.   If you’re not sure what that is, check out

this 4 minute overview video.


You will see how innovative production technology opens

the door to a whole new way to look at video.


Let’s face it---video production is not something you do every day.   So we will become your professional video team when it’s time for you to add video to your website mix. We’ll meet with you long before one digit of video is produced, helping you wherever you want us to.


Don’t have a script? No problem. Senior Producer Brian Doubleday has written literally hundreds of scripts, for all types of videos in his multiple ward-winning career. You’ll meet with him and he’ll show you examples of different types of production we can do for you, and help you choose a style that works.


Some videos need to be shot on location, in your business or in the field where you’re doing your work. For other purposes we can shoot in our green screen studio, saving you precious time and money. Together we’ll decide which

 makes the most sense.


And our editors will sit down with you, if necessary, when the time comes to put your video together after all of the shooting is done if you so desire. Editing is a fascinating aspect of production where it all comes together. It’s a very slow process that drives some people crazy to watch, but others like to be there for their creative input.


Another area we are well-versed in is testimonial videos. Having your best customers on video extolling your company or product’s virtues are just about the best marketing you can have (besides in person word of mouth from a best friend). Video is effective because you can see and hear the person, and that gives you a visceral experience of their credibility and authenticity, much more dependable than just text.


Denver Video Production has come a long way in the past few years---and Greenworks Video has been one of the major new players that came on the scene. We have worked with clients large and small to help them create training, marketing, how-to, explainers, company news, and the list goes on and on.

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